Texas LTC (License To Carry) Classes

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Texas DPS Approved LTC (License To Carry) ClassesGirl At Omega Firearms USA
Texas DPS Approved LTC (License To Carry) ClassesGirl At Omega Firearms USA


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Online Course Fee $55.00

** DPS Approved Course

* Qualification fee is additional to the course fee.

Texas License to Carry a Handgun LTC (formerly known as Concealed Handgun License CHL) class.  


This class provides the DPS (Texas Department of Public Safety) required classroom training and firearm qualification that students need in order to obtain a LTC (Texas License to Carry) handgun license.

​Classes are 4 to 6 hours of combined classroom instruction, written test and handgun qualification.


Students must qualify with their own semi-automatic handgun or revolver.  All weapons must be unloaded and locked in your vehicle.  "NO WEAPONS ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM". 


On the firing range, all students should wear a ball cap for head protection. 


Students must have the following mandatory items:

  • Safety glasses 

  • Ear protection 

  • Closed - toed Footwear 

  • Long sleeved shirts and pants (For safety) 

  • 50 rounds of commercially produced ammunition​

NO RELOADED or HAND LOADED ammunition allowed.


Range Qualification Test Requirements per DPS:

  • A total of 50 rounds must be fired at a B-27 target. 

  • In order to pass the pistol/revolver proficiency qualification, a student must score at least 175 out of 250 possible points or a 70 %. 

Range qualification for students must be with a

semi-automatic pistol or revolver as follows: 

3 Yard Line - (Total 20 Rounds Fired)

  • 1 round fired every 2 seconds (5 Commands)

  • 2 Rounds fired every 3 seconds (5 Commands)

  • 5 rounds fired within 10 seconds (1 Command)


7 Yard Line - (Total 20 Rounds Fired)

  • 5 rounds fired within 10 seconds (1 Command) 

  • 2 rounds fired within 4 seconds (1 Command) 

  • 3 rounds fired within 6 seconds (1 Command)

  • 1 round fired every 3 seconds (5 Commands) 

  • 5 rounds fired within 15 seconds (1 Command) 


15 Yard Line - (Total 10 Rounds Fired)

  • 2 rounds fired within 6 seconds (1 Command) 

  • 3 rounds fired within 9 seconds (1 Command)

  • 5 rounds fired within 15 seconds (1 Command)

Class fee is $100.00 per student.  Please check our calendar for dates and times.  Click on link for LTC  Calendar Schedule.


Texas DPS approved LTC Classes At Omega Firearms USA

If you haven't done so already, and need to register with DPS (Department of Public Safety) for application, contact the

State of Texas online services.  Click link below for information.


State of Texas reciprocity agreements with other states. Click link below for information on which states honor a Texas LTC.




Omega Firearms U.S.A. does not issue any Texas LTC (License To Carry) for the State Of Texas.  Our instructors are Certified by DPS (Texas Department of Public Safety) to instruct the LTC classes, so students  meet all  requirements for the LTC.  It is your responsibility to complete the DPS  application(s) correctly and truthfully.  Any issues with the process of your DPS application(s) must be handled through DPS.


** Also, while we provide links with  information for states  that honor and/or have a reciprocity agreement(s) with Texas, we are not responsible for any updates and do not guarantee infomation to be accurate.  It is your responsibility to know state laws and which states honor and/or have a reciprocity with Texas.  * Prices listed are Omega Firearms fees.  Please check with DPS for their application Fee(s) and their website for further information. 


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