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** DPS Approved Course

* Qualification fee is additional to the course fee.

Omega Firearms U.S.A. offers DPS approved Texas LTC online class/course with 24/7 internet access for your convenience.  For students who prefer the LTC classes in a classroom setting, click link for additional information. https://www.omegafirearmsusa.com/texasltcclasses 


Start the online TLC class/course at your own pace.  No matter where you live in the state of Texas, North, South, East or West, you'll have access to your online course 24/7.  You can start and stop as many times as you wish. Take the class on your smartphone, tablet or computer.  You also have 6 months to complete the online LTC class/course. Don't wait! Enroll today!


Once you finish the online course, a representative from Omega Firearms U.S.A. will contact you to complete the proficiency qualification.*  

(Qualification fee is additional*)

Online Instructor:

The Texas LTC online course is taught by firearms instructor Joel Kuchenski.**  Joel offers a perspective with real world experience in classes and training that is not offered elsewhere.  Joel is certified under Texas GC 411.188 and GC 411.190 to administer the LTC online course.

(Course instruction only**).

If you haven't done so already, and need to register with DPS (Department of Public Safety) for application, contact the State of Texas online services.  Click link below for information.


State of Texas reciprocity agreements with other states. Click link below for information on which states honor a Texas LTC.


    Texas DPS approved LTC Classes At Omega Firearms USA



Omega Firearms U.S.A. does not issue any Texas LTC (License To Carry) for the State Of Texas.  Our instructors are Certified by DPS (Texas Department of Public Safety) to instruct the LTC classes, so students  meet all  requirements for the LTC.  It is your responsibility to complete the DPS  application(s) correctly and truthfully.  Any issues with the process of your DPS application(s) must be handled through DPS. Online LTC course fee is seperate from the gun qualification fee. Check with LTC instructor for gun qualification price.


** Also, while we provide links with  informatiion for states  that honor and/or have a reciprocity agreement(s) with Texas, we are not responsible for any updates and do not guarantee infomation to be accurate.  It is your responsibility to know state laws and which states honor and/or have a reciprocity with Texas.  * Prices listed are Omega Firearms fees.  Please check with DPS for their application Fee(s) and their website for further information.  https://www.dps.texas.gov/rsd/ltc/index.htm 

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